How to Defeat Video Slot Machines

If you often play video slot online, you probably want to know whether there is a way to beat them. Although there is no 100% sure way to always get the biggest jackpot, there are some tips and tricks to ensure that your fun and excitement aren’t marred by losing your deposit – and you can even walk away with a profit most of the time!

True, we all play for fun, to get the thrill and rush usually unavailable to us in the daily lives, to get away from the routine. But winning would make anyone happier, wouldn’t it? So be sure to employ several easy strategies every time you play, and you will become a video slots expert!

Preparation is key. Before sitting down and putting some money into the machine, be sure to do your reading about it, including fellow gambler reviews. While many will say that the outcome purely depends on your luck, it isn’t 100% so. If you know the secrets and profitable features of the game and how to achieve them (like how many coins to bet, which lines to choose and so on), you can get to the bonus features faster – and they almost always guarantee a win. So never wager on a machine you know absolutely nothing about.

Keep your head clear. If your idea of fun is gambling with a strong drink in hand, try and rethink it. Booze can hinder your instincts and trick you into unexpected choices, so it’s best not to bet a lot when you’ve had a few.

Know when it’s time to stop. And it’s not just about getting up and walking away if you keep losing, although that’s very important too. If you keep winning for a while, you need to know when to stop betting as well. If you see that the sum on your balance is getting heavier and heavier, perhaps it’s time to resist the temptation to increase it and just be happy with what you’ve won already. Always think about the long run and keep in mind that stopping now might be much more profitable.

Choose wisely. With the enormous amount of video slot machines available in casinos nowadays, both land-based and online alike, you can pick any one you want. Different jackpots, different coin denominations, different gameplay features and, of course, different payout percentages. Determine your budget for today’s game and go from there – if you’re feeling like rolling high for a bit, choose a machine with at least 10 paylines or more, since the wins will be more sizeable. If you only have a few dollars for today, stick with the penny slots.

Gambling can be extremely fun and rewarding, especially playing video slots online. Be sure to stick to these simple rules and you’ll always be on top of your game and have the greatest time!

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